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    Frequently asked questions

    The picture freezez and Lagging ?

    A. We suggest to our clients to connect your box with ethernet cable to get better experience of our services.

    B. Internet Test.
    Live TV Pro run on internet and consume high bandwidth. 99% of time problem is due to your internet. Follow step to check your internet speed.
    • Please check your internet speed ( ) and should be more then 1.5 Mbps stable check 4 to 5 times.
    • Most of time internet problem fixed by just switch off your modem/router for 1 minute and then restart back or reset your modem.
    • If your device not getting enough speed then pleases contact your internet provider.
    IF you device is connect with WIFI.

    C. Need to check WIFI signal strength
    Check you WIFI network strength which will show in percentage. If you have less than 99% signal strength. Please check your modem setting or get better modem.

    How to improve picture quality ?

    Reduce sharpen of your TV (sony, LG, Samsung etc) setting to zero and adjust contrast and brightness may improve picture quality. To adjust setting using your TV remote. Please check HDMI Setting.

    The picture is no entirely, black band appear on the sides ?

    Adjust the aspect ratio of your TV ( Your TV set sony/samsung/LG etc) to 16:9 format.

    Can i use Livetv Pro in China Mainland?

    Yes you can. Please check your internet speed. We recommend to use Ethernet cable to get stable streaming.

    How to install App?

    LiveTv Pro App store allows you access to thousands of 3rd party apps.

    My remote controll not worLive properly what can i do?

    It is easy to get our mobile remote which is usable from all android phones by using same WIFI. First download Scan QR Code app from Google AppStore. Open QR Code App and scan with the code appearing on box main menu. One link will appear to your screen. Simple click on that link. Once Download will be done you can use this App as a remote.

    Other Questions

    General questions

    Can i need to Factory Reset?

    LiveTv Pro Box no need to factory Reset. We using new technology when box with auto clean your box your box working smoth.

    How can I chat with Customer Support agents?

    You can chat 24/7 through our whatsapp support team by clicking the whatsApp chat button on the web footer bar. thanks